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Pictured: Owner Hunter Vanderpool stacks the last Dungeness Crab pot of the 2020 season aboard F/V Ms. Sam.
Pictured: Owner of The Seafood Society Hunter Vanderpool

Sell more than just a meal.
Serve a story. Taste the difference.

By The Fisherman. For The People.

Do you need live Dungeness crab in bulk? We’re here to help.

We will ship to any location near or far.

Minimum order qty. applies for wholesale. 

We look forward to speaking with you!

Support Local

When you buy from The Seafood Society, you're supporting local fishermen, their families, and your community.

Guaranteed Fresh

If it was any fresher it'd still be in the water!
Our crab is out of the water less than 24 hours and delivered LIVE at the point of transaction.


Dungeness Crab is a truly sustainable harvest.
We take pride in ensuring our harvest meets the 3 S’s – Size, Sex & Season. Keeping this tradition alive for generations to come.

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